Charlotte Maxeke Hospital - Main

“The GDID had appointed Glad Africa for the fire service to the emergency works after a Fire had broken out in April 2021 and subsequently closed the facility. Polygon was appointed through a sub-consultancy agreement to Glad Africa.

This scope focussed on preparing a rationale fire design for the main hospital. This portion of the hospital is approximately 415 000 m2 and completed for operations in the 1970’s. The South African National Standard for Fire Part T came into existence in the 1990’s meaning that reaching compliance required a fire rationale. This hospital was closed since a fire in April 2021 and hence required the rationale for implementation so that critical functions can be brought into operation. Polygon had sourced approval for the fire rationale in October 2021.

This is the basis for the remedial works that is taking place on site and will take some time. “

Location: Johannesburg
Client: Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development
Construction Value: R130 million (Estimated 2021)
Contracting Structure: Sub-consultant to Glad Africa
Service: Fire Protection and life safety Services