The purpose of this fire engineering checklist is to empower our colleagues, Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers with the opportunity to ensure that the fire elements responsible for 80% of project feasibility risks are addressed.

The Intention of this checklist is to ensure that if these fire elements are addressed, the building fire design will be intrinsically safe and the project will maintain its feasibility.

A common misconception is the terms “Deemed to Satisfy” and “Rational Design”.

  • Typically a “Deemed to Satisfy” design has incorporated all the prescriptive rules from SANS 10400 Part T or related standard to a site. The impact is that the approval process from the fire department is faster and we have addressed all requirements.
  • A “Rational Design” is triggered when one of the rules of the applicable standard are not being met and hence we have to meet the criteria with the application of additional systems. The risk is that a meeting of minds needs to be achieved between the fire department and project professional which means there is potential for the demand of additional unfeasible or unsightly systems.

Please download a copy for your office here.

Disclaimer: This checklist is for information purposes only and cannot be a substitute for the advice of a Professional Engineer.